Open Access Colonoscopy

New! Save time with our Open Access screening colonoscopy program.

You can count on us to make it quicker to schedule your screening colonoscopy — because you know your loved ones are counting on you to get one.

Five easy steps:

  • Your doctor refers you to our team. All pertinent information will be faxed by your doctor to our office for review.
  • There’s no need to schedule an in-office consultation with us. Our team of experts will review your medical information and contact you to schedule your procedure.
  • We’ll send all relevant instructions and prescriptions to your home. Once you’ve reviewed the instructions, you can just call our office if you have any questions.
  • You’ll meet the physician performing the procedure the day of your exam, and you can ask any remaining questions at that time.
  • Your results will be discussed with you immediately after the procedure, and we’ll give you a copy of the report to take home with you. Any biopsy results will be discussed one or two weeks later in the office.