48 Hour Bravo pH Monitoring Procedure

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If you suffer from persistent acid reflux, chest pain, heartburn, or other symptoms of gastrointestinal reflux disorder (GERD), your doctor may recommend that you do a pH test. The reason for this test is to determine the degree of alkalinity or acidity inside your esophagus.

A Less Invasive Diagnostic Tool

New technology has ensured that pH tests can now happen without a catheter, which provides a convenient and tolerable way to evaluate your symptoms. While catheter-based monitoring systems used to keep you in one spot for testing, this newer procedure uses a capsule that is temporarily inserted into your esophagus to wirelessly transmit pH information to a receiver, allowing for mobility.

A pH test works to measure the acidity in your esophagus by determining:

  • How often acid moves into the lower esophagus; and
  • The degree of acidity during the test period.

Thanks to advances in technology, this test allows us to receive a more accurate picture of your acid exposure. You will be able to sleep, shower, and move around during the 48 hours that the test takes. With the catheter-free test, you will also be able to eat normally and maintain your daily schedule, performing all your regular activities. Before you undergo the procedure, one of our board certified gastroenterologists at Gastromed Healthcare, P.A. can meet with you to show you the device and ensure that you are familiar with its features and functions.

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After the test is complete and you return the receiver with the recorded information, our physicians will be able to analyze the results. From there, we can help accurately diagnose GERD and come up with the appropriate course of treatment for your specific condition.

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