Enteral Stenting in New Jersey

Relieving Obstructions in the Digestive Tract

When a vessel or duct in your stomach, small intestine, colon, or esophagus becomes obstructed, your doctor may recommend that you have a stent inserted into your digestive tract to help open up space and provide relief. Enteral stents are also used in the treatment of benign digestive conditions, such as fistulas, bleeding varices, and strictures in the gastrointestinal tract.

Before we insert an enteral stent, we use a CT scan, barium enema, endoscopy, fluoroscopy, or radiography to determine the degree of obstruction and length of your stricture. This enables us to mark the size of the stricture and ensure that the stint is longer to avoid stent migration and movement.

Can Enteral Stenting Help Me?

At Gastromed Healthcare, P.A., our board certified gastroenterologists are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality treatments. We work as your medical partners, helping you prepare for your procedure by explaining every part of your procedure, from taking prophylactic antibiotics or a colonoscopy preparation, to using a colonoscope or endoscope to place an enteral stent through a specialized method known as TTS placement.

We may recommend an enteral stent for these two main reasons:

  • Palliative care: Stenting may be used to provide relief of malignant obstructions such as in patients with esophageal cancer or colorectal disease.
  • Preoperative decompression: Enteral stents may be used to alleviate blockages in the colon and provide temporary relief. This may help to prevent the need for a colostomy.
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